10 Summer RV Road Trip Tips

Get the Most from Your Summer RV Road Trip

As the days grow longer and the kids get bored and antsy, many New Englanders dream of hopping in an RV and taking a road trip across the country. Whether your family wants to visit the Grand Canyon or Mickey Mouse, a summer RV trip will definitely provide lifelong memories.

But before you hit the open road with or without kiddos in tow, here are a few suggestions to make sure your summer trip is filled with the stuff of your dreams and not nightmares.

  1. Plan Your Route: How do you want to get where you’re going? Do you want to get there the quickest way possible? Do you want to stop and see all the sites along the way? Do you want to take the scenic route and avoid tolls or hit the expressway and set the cruise control. Your answers will help you decide the best route for your specific summer road trip.
  2. Budget: What’s your vacation budget? While traveling via RV can save you from costly hotel rooms, you need to plan for the costs of campgrounds or RV parks and make reservations if necessary. Additionally, filling the gas tank on an RV costs significantly more than a car.
  3. Food: Do you plan to stop at restaurants along the way or eat most of your meals in the RV? It can save you a tremendous amount of money to grocery shop before your trip begins and pack the vehicle with plenty of food, drinks, and snacks. Then you can splurge on meals in your favorite destinations.
  4. Create a timeline: How far do you plan to drive every day? What roadside attractions (if any) do you want to stop and see? How long do you plan to spend at these attractions? And if there are none, where can you stop to stretch your legs? Remember, summer travel means highways are more congested and you could find yourself sitting for long periods of time.
  5. RV Insurance: Especially on a long trip, when you’ll be traveling with lots of your belongings, you’ll want to be sure that everything is protected just in case. Check with your current auto insurance provider to see if they can add an RV to your policy. Or, if you’re renting, the rental agency can certainly help.
  6. Know Power Usage: While at home your appliances can run all at once, an RV doesn’t work the same. Know how many amps each appliance uses to keep your RV running and your family safe.
  7. Manage RV Weight: Find out the legal weight of your RV and once packed, weigh your RV at a commercial truck weigh station. If it doesn’t meet the limit, unload unnecessary things or pare down until you meet the limit. One way to lighten the load is planning to get water and fuel at each stop rather than storing it.
  8. Make sure your RV is well maintained. Check tire tread by placing a penny between two raised sections on the surface of your tire. If Lincoln’s head is visible, it may be time to replace the tire because your tread is no longer deep enough. Check engine fluid levels, lighting, and mirrors to ensure everything is or can perform optimally.
  9. Secure Your Belongings: If your kitchen items are loose, a bump or turn could make for a big mess. Use bungee cords, cabinet locks or even rubber bands to secure cabinets.
  10. Before you set out, check weather conditions for the days and places you plan to travel. Make any revisions you need to in order to keep your family safe!

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