Holiday Driving Tips

The onset of the holidays means many of us are traveling to visit friends and families. And while this is the “most wonderful time of the year,” it’s unfortunately often the most dangerous time to be on the road.

While you should always exercise caution when driving in adverse winter weather conditions, there are a few times when travel is particularly dangerous.

  • When the storm first starts. It takes a while for snow and salt trucks to treat roads, so if you have the misfortune of traveling at the beginning of a storm, pay extra attention to roads that may not have been treated.
  • During heavy snowfall. If flakes are flying at the rate of more than one inch per hour, snow will accumulate on the road faster than the plows can clear it away.
  • Peak travel times. When Mother Nature dumps a rush hour storm on Rhode Island, be prepared for congestion, delay, frustration and accidents on main and secondary roadways as annoyed commuters seek to avoid traffic jams.  
  • When weather conditions suddenly change. If temperatures dip rain can quickly change to snow causing black ice, frozen and falling limbs and power lines and extra hazardous conditions.
  • After the storm. Sometimes the roadways look deceptively safe and drivers are unaware that the ice melt has washed away and dipping temperatures caused the road to refreeze into lethal black ice.

Always use extra caution when traveling during winter weather. Clean snow and ice from your windows, headlights and roof if it accumulated there. Make sure that your mirrors are not frozen and you can see out all of your windows. Check the forecast before you head out, and if you happen to be driving during these times, slow down and allow extra space between your fellow drivers.

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