Grieco Collision Rhode Island – Fall Car Care

Although many of us are focused on candy corn, apple cider, and the mini candy bars that tend to show up at every grocery store check-out around this time of year, let’s not forget that October is fall Car Care Month. With the amount of time we spend commuting, taxiing, carting, and traveling, now is a good time to make sure our cars are in tip-top shape before harsh winter weather hits.
Here are a few tips from automotive experts to make sure your vehicle is performing at its best:
Fluids: Make sure engine oil, brake, power steering, and transmission fluids are all filled correctly. Also top off windshield washer solvent and check anti-freeze and coolant. Don’t wait for a notification to tell you one of these vital fluids is low; be proactive.

Tires: Check tire pressure, measure tread, and look for bald spots and bulges that could be signs of uneven wear. If you do notice this, that means it’s time to get your wheels aligned.

Battery: Check for corrosion and make sure connections are clean and tight. Replace if necessary.

Brakes: Have your brake system inspected to be sure pads, rotors and drums are in good shape. Mechanics will usually check this out during routine oil changes, but always ask to be sure.

Hoses and Belts: Check for tight connections and signs of excessive wear including: cracks, brittleness, and fraying.

Lights: Check interior and exterior lighting to make sure it’s unobstructed and functioning properly

HVAC system: Check for proper heating and cooling performance not only for comfort purposes but also for safety reasons such as proper defrosting.

Engine: Check to be sure your car’s engine is properly balancing power and fuel economy while producing a low level of emissions.

Wipers: Check for worn wiper blades and replace to allow for proper visibility when rain and snow storms hit unexpectedly.

 Steering and Suspension System: Inspect shock absorbers, struts, and chassis parts including ball joints and tie rods.

Exhaust system: Check for leaks, damage or unusual noise. Exhaust leaks can be extremely dangerous and even life-threatening and should be corrected immediately.

Basic car care is vital to improve the dependability and longevity of your vehicle as well as your family’s safety and comfort. Make sure that you add a fall car care check to your to-do list today and schedule an appointment with your preferred car care professional! Trust your vehicle to the professionals at Grieco Collision Center of Rhode Island. Call us anytime at 401-231-1118