Driving In Winter Conditions

Safe Driving in the Winter

Although most New England residents are accustomed to driving in adverse snowy conditions, it’s always helpful to consider a few extra precautions before the season of hazardous road conditions begins.

Preparation is Key

Schedule an appointment with a mechanic to check your vehicle’s tires, battery, lights, brakes, heating and exhaust system, brakes and anti-freeze in the fall. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to make you’re your gas tank is filled up before taking a winter trip.

Drive with Care

Especially during inclement weather, it’s important that your full attention is on driving. Put your phone away to avoid distractions from calls or texts. Buckle up. Be prepared for reduced traction and impaired visibility by allowing extra distance.

Reduce Your Speed

The number one safety tip when driving in adverse weather conditions is SLOW DOWN. While four-wheel drive and anti-lock brakes can help to a point, the fact is slippery roads call for slower speeds. Four wheel drive won’t help when black ice is present.

Watch for Emergency Vehicles

Snow and ice means that heavy equipment vehicles will be on the road. Snow removal vehicles are large and the drivers are focused on clearing the road. Do not crowd or try to pass them—especially on the right—as that’s where the snow they’re plowing is going. In fact, behind a plow is the safest place to be in a snow storm. Just make sure to stay at least five car lengths behind.

Additionally, slick roads mean more accidents so watch out for police, fire and ambulances that might be rushing to an emergency.

Use common sense with winter travel. Allow extra time, plan ahead and watch the forecast. And if at all possible, avoid travel when bad storms are predicted.

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