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10 Hacks to “Un-Winter” Your Car



A touch of unseasonably warm weather has Rhode Islanders feeling that spring fever. And with that fever comes the desire to spruce up your home—and car. Here’s 10 hacks to help you get your vehicle in pristine condition before muddy cleats and fast food bags fill up your backseat.

  1. Months of salt can’t be fixed with a few squirts of washer fluid or the occasional gas station squeegee. Give your windshield a thorough cleaning with glass cleaner using steel wool to remove stuck on bugs, then add RainX for a finishing touch.
  2. Clean your windshield wipers with rubbing alcohol.
  3. Line your cup holders with cupcake liners and discard when sticky. No more digging at change stuck to the bottom of cup holders.
  4. Use dryer sheets to remove insects from your car grill, better yet, dip the dryer sheet in Coca-Cola first to remove rust and shine chrome.
  5. Renew hubcaps with a baking soda, dish soap and warm water mix or cup of Coca-Cola.
  6. Air vents can get really gross, but because they’re so hard to get at, we avoid cleaning them. Small foam art brushes make the perfect tool to get in there.
  7. If your best friend walks on four legs and likes to go for car rides, the evidence is probably all over your upholstery. Spray a bit of water on your seats to loosen the hairs, then easily swipe the fur away with a squeegee.
  8. Floor mats often take the most “car-abuse”. Spritz with stain spray and pop ‘em in the washer to clean them.
  9. To give your headlights amazingsparkle and shine, make a paste from baking soda and toothpaste. Apply and wipe off in 5 minutes, then compare the before and after.
  10. How do dashboards get so sticky? Like socks in the dryer it’s one of life’s great mysteries, but thanks to Goo Gone, you don’t have to deal with it anymore! A bit of this miracle potion on a rag and bye-bye sticky dash!